About me

Hello! 👋

It is now fashionable again to have a small bio on one’s website, so here’s some stuff about me.

My name is Kostis and I’m a senior research scientist in the AI group of Babylon Health. I mostly think about uncertainty quantification and its place in the age of machine-learned models. I particularly like tools from information theory, stochastic processes, and Bayesian statistics.

For my research, see the research post or Google Scholar (scholar is more up-to-date).


I graduated from UMass Amherst with a PhD in (Applied) Mathematics in 2017, advised by Professor Markos Katsoulakis and Professor Luc Rey-Bellet. My thesis was titled “information metrics for predictive modeling and machine learning” and can be found at UMass Scholarworks.

Before UMass, I graduated from the University of Crete with a BSc. in Applied Mathematics.


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