SetFit and Integrated Gradients

- 1 min

I’m a fan of both SetFit and integrated gradients, so I wrote this tiny library to combine them. The code is available here under MIT license for further hacking by others. I’m fixing bugs, but otherwise not actively maintaining it.

What is SetFit ?

It’s a language-model-tuning paradigm for few-shot learning with language models without using prompts. It relies on contrastive learning and the authors published a really nice library that makes the method plug & play with sentence-transformers.

I have been contributing some time to that library on Github as well.

What are integrated gradients ?

Integrated gradients (IG) are a method for attributing the output of a neural network to its inputs. It was first developed to explain the output of image classifiers, but it can be used for any model that takes a vector as input.

It occured to me by building this that there are various places one could perturb to apply IG and that the perturbation path probably also matters a lot.

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