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Just a short post on past and current research. You can find a complete list of my publications below.

Publications and Preprints

2019 Tuning the semantic consistency of active medical diagnosis: a walk on the semantic simplex, with A. Buchard, A. Navarro, et al. To be presented at the Stanford Symposium “Fronters of AI-assisted care”

2018 Universal Marginalizer for Amortised Inference and Embedding of Generative Models, with R. Walecki, A. Buchard, et al. Submitted to AISTATS. arXiv: 1811.04727

2017 A Universal Marginalizer for Amortized Inference in Generative Models, NeurIPS workshop on Advances in Approximate Bayesian Inference, 2017, with L. Douglas, I. Zarov, et al. arXiv: 1711.00695.

2017 Information criteria for quantifying loss of reversibility in parallelized KMC, with M. Katsoulakis, L. Rey-Bellet. Accepted at the Journal of Computational Physics 328, 438-454.

2017 How biased is your model? Concentration Inequalities, Information and Model Bias, with M. Katsoulakis, L. Rey-Bellet and J. Wang. Submitted for review at the IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.

2016 Information metrics for long-time errors in splitting schemes for stochastic dynamics and parallel Kinetic Monte Carlo, with M. Katsoulakis and L. Rey-Bellet. Accepted at the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 38 (6), A3808-A3832.

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